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CISE Electronics Corp. offers the following services to companies, owners of vehicles and anyone interested in hybrids and electric vehicles' technology.

1- Professional support and consultancy.

2- General diagnosis of electronic problems.

3- Troubleshooting battery-related problems.

4- Solutions to problems with inverters and DC-DC converters.

5- Electronic equipment for the diagnosis & repair of hybrid and electric vehicles.


Call us   +1 786 293 1094   / Wapp: + 1 305 970 9142

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1. Professional Support and Consultancy:

This service is offered to companies and individuals who need consultancy/assistance with hybrid and electric vehicles: From opinions on a particular need to technical consultations, focusing on solving the problems and indicating how to carry out the solutions.

Under the supervision of Fernando Augeri - Director and founder of CISE Electronics Corporation and recognized specialist in HV and HEV.


2. General Diagnosis of Electronic Problems:

When warnings lights appear on the instrument panel, we perform a diagnostic process in order to inform you where & what is the problem in the vehicle and what is the solution.

Diagnostic systems in these vehicles are very complex and sophisticated and whenever a warning light is displayed on the instrument panel, it should be addressed.

Some problems may cause the vehicle not to turn the READY sign ON, therefore the

vehicle cannot be driven.

In electric vehicles, certain problems would not let the battery be charged.



3. Troubleshooting battery-related problems

We solve battery problems in hybrid and electric vehicles. Frequently, we can repair the battery and avoid replacing it by a new one.

We use our exclusive Battery Tester Bench – a product developed after years of research work, created at CISE Electronics Corp.



4- Solutions to problems with inverters and DC-DC converters

In these vehicles, many electronic modules can sometimes be repaired, sometimes

they need specific reprogramming or they must be replaced. This ranges from ECUS in

general to inverter modules and converters.




4. Electronic equipment for the diagnosis & repair of hybrid and electric vehicles

We have testing equipment of exclusive development, product of our research work since 2008.

At CISE, we offer all the necessary equipment and advice to auto repair shops that want to start the service of hybrid and electric vehicles.



Call for an appointment

Cise Electronics Corp.

12920 SW 128th Street - Suite 4

Miami - Florida 33186

Phone: 786 293 1094

Whatsapp: 305-970-9142



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